Security Trustee Services

A security trustee may be appointed in debt financing structures and be a party engaged to hold security interests on trust for creditors.

Appointing an independent entity to act as a security trustee is beneficial as the security trustee, among others, can:

  • facilitate transactions while protecting the securities
  • help avoid conflicts of interest and maintain independence from the parties
  • coordinate lenders, borrowers and other related entities involving in the transaction

We can act as security trustee and hold securities for lenders, such as managed funds and corporate lenders.

As security trustee, we can provide services, including:

  • negotiation transaction documents prior to execution
  • establish and maintain a register of securities held by the security trustee on behalf of the secured parties
  • act on the written instructions of the secured parties under the terms of the security deed as required
  • hold legal title of securities for the benefit of the secured parties
  • enforce charges over the securities on behalf of the secured parties in an event of default
  • distribute proceeds following enforcement