It has come to recent attention of Alpha King Trustee Limited (together with its affiliates, “Alpha King Trustee”) that apparently some persons and/or companies have misrepresented themselves or falsely held themselves out as Alpha King Trustee (or part of it), its agents and/or connected with it to members of the public and business communities for the purpose of carrying on business or causing confusion in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other regions (“Malicious Acts”).

Alpha King Trustee believes that these actions taken by such persons and/or companies (“Unauthorized Persons”) would have adverse impact on the public’s interest and the goodwill of Alpha King Trustee. In this connection, Alpha King Trustee hereby unequivocally makes the following statements:

  1. Alpha King Trustee does not have any relationship whatsoever with any of such Unauthorized Persons or their businesses, activities or actions, nor have they been authorized to use Alpha King Trustee’s name or brand. Alpha King Trustee shall not be responsible or liable for any losses or damages incurred or suffered by any person or entity arising out of or in connection with any dealings with such Unauthorized Persons or any of their businesses, activities or actions, including but  without limitation to any misled participation or involvement in such businesses, activities or actions.
  2. Alpha King Trustee hereby demands those Unauthorized Persons to cease and desist immediately all the Malicious Acts, and Alpha King Trustee shall reserve all the rights to take legal actions against any entities, enterprises, organizations or individuals in connection with any misrepresentation or false holding out as Alpha King Trustee (or part of it), its agents and/or connected with it for carrying on business or activities or causing confusion
  3. Alpha King Trustee urges the public to take particular caution so as to avoid any losses or damages. If you have any doubt and/or enquiries in relation to Alpha King Trustee’s brand, business channels or activities, or if you come across any companies, websites or documents having names or logos/marks that are identical or similar to Alpha King Trustee’s brand, please take extra caution or contact us through the official communication channels as posted on our official website at


近期凱匯信託有限公司(及其關聯公司,“ 凱匯信託”)注意到,顯然有些人士和/或公司以虛假的身分或誤導地表述,以凱匯信託(或其一部分)的身分、其代理和/或與凱匯信託有關聯之名義與公眾和商業團體聯繫,以在香港、中國內地和其他地區開展業務或引起混亂(“惡意行為”)。


1. 凱匯信託與任何此類未經授權人士或其業務、活動或行為沒有任何關係,也沒有授權予此等人士和/或公司使用凱匯信託的名稱或品牌。 凱匯信託對與任何未經授權人士或其任何業務、活動或行為進行的交易或與之相關的任何人或實體所造成或遭受的任何損失或損害,概不負責,也不承擔任何責任,包括但不限於誤導參加或參與此類業務、活動或行為。

2. 凱匯信託特此要求那些未經授權人士停止並立即中止所有惡意行為,並且凱匯信託將保留對任何實體、企業、組織或個人就其作任何虛假陳述或誤導地表述為凱匯信託(或其一部分)的身分、其代理和/或與凱匯信託有關聯而從事業務或活動或引起混亂而採取法律行動的所有權利。

3. 凱匯信託敦促公眾特別注意以避免任何損失或損害。如果您對凱匯信託的品牌、業務管道或活動有任何疑問和/或查詢,或者遇到任何公司、網站或文件載有與凱匯信託的品牌相同或相似的徽標/標記,請格外小心,或可通過我們在alphakingtrustee.com官方網站上發布的官方溝通管道與我們聯繫。